Taste of Nord Water from Finland!

Nord Water - untouched water, bottled near the source in Finland


Nord Water - water from Finland

Wild Nordic nature hides the most refreshing treasure – pure water. From the edge of a protected conifer forest in Finland, we proudly bring this treasure to you, Nord Water. Naturally filtered by ancient ridges, this well-balanced water tastes pure and refreshing, just like nature.

Water and health

Wellness starts with water. However, not just with any kind of water. Clean mineral water from Finland, naturally filtered by ancient ridges and layers of rock and stone has many health promoting benefits. Bicarbonates and Chloride help balance your digestive system, whereas calcium strengthens bones and teeth. Magnesium boosts your immune system and helps lower blood pressure. Some sodium is needed too because sodium controls the fluid balance of the body. Finally, iron helps transport oxygen to all cells of your body.


The purest water on Earth

The purest and cleanest water on Earth comes from Finland according to a UNESCO study conducted in 122 countries worldwide in 2003. It is not surprising, as Finland is home to beautiful and clean Nordic nature.


Discover our source

Our story began thousands of years ago when the Ice Age created magnificent ridges across Southern Finland. Here, along the Lohja Ridge, amongst the trees of a protected conifer forest, you will find our source.


Bottled Water In Everyone’s Favourite Sizes


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We are dedicated to providing the finest quality water that meets the strictest safety standards set by Finland, European Union and NSF International. The pure and refreshing taste of Nord Water is completed by the beautiful design of our bottles created by the award winning Finnish design studio Ratia.

Choose the perfect range for your grocery store, restaurant, cafeteria, spa, fitness centre, hotel or distribution centre from our offering. Nord Water is available as still water and sparkling water in recyclable glass or PET bottles. For your convenience, we deliver free of charge within the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

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