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Nord Water comes from Finland, the land of a thousand lakes and wild forests. Known for its mystical clean nature, it is not surprising that a UNESCO report in 2003, analysing the water of 122 countries concluded that Finnish water was the best water in the world.

Finns love their nature and live in close contact with it, enjoying hiking, fishing, and exploring all year around, harvesting what nature has to offer. They are committed to conserving nature for future generations to enjoy.

Our story began thousands of years ago when the Ice Age created magnificent ridges across Southern Finland. Since then, the ridges have slowly filtered refreshing rain and created naturally mineralized water filling natural aquifers and springs.

Our water dwells beneath the Lohja Ridge, amongst the trees of a protected conifer forest. The water is untouched, and we bottle it near to the source, following strict safety guidelines. We are proud to say that Nord Water comes from one of the cleanest groundwater sources.

PH 7.8
Bicarbonates, hco3 53 mg/l
Calsium, Ca 17 mg/l
Chloride, Cl 18 mg/l
Magnesium, Mg 6.2 mg/l
Sodium, Na 11 mg/l
Iron, Fe 0.025 mg/l
TDS 120